Join Us

We are currently looking for new members to join our living history group, in particular more youthful members! There are many roles either males or females can portray, regardless of age. Here are just a few options:

US Airborne Infantry and Aircrew

You might choose to portray a member of the US 101st or 82nd Airborne forces, including Easy Company (The Band of Brothers). It is possible to buy complete reproduction uniforms, weaponry and equipment from various suppliers.

81 C47 aircraft departed the airfield as part of the D-Day invasion of Europe, so C47 aircrew could be portrayed.

9th US Army Air Force

The 9th USAAF occupied Upottery airfield for almost a year, prior to the D-Day operation, so personnel that would have manned the airfield at the time would be a very apt choice.

Nursing and Field Hospital

Our main living history display includes the nursing and field hospital personnel who would have been based at Upottery (Smeatharpe), so here are more options for you.

US Navy

The US Navy were based at Upottery airfield after the USAAF left, so portraying this would tell the further story of the base.

British Royal Artillery

The British Royal Artillery manned the bofors guns at the airfield, so if American re-enactment isn’t your thing, here is another option.

All Are Welcome!

We would particularly welcome younger joiners, especially with regard to setting up camp at the many events we attend throughout the re-enactment season. We have one of the largest displays on the re-enactment circuit now. Setting up tents etc. is quite physical and some of our members struggle a little at times! Having younger members also helps with the authentic look of camp personnel.

This isn’t to say we would want to deter any older joiners – all are welcome!!

You may have noticed the “Band of Troubles” junior members on our members’ page. It is possible to get uniforms for any age, so the kids can join in too! Make it a family affair.

One of our members currently owns a jeep, which brings the camp to life. We would love to add more vehicles, when finances permit!

We are a happy band. There is no obligation to attend all events. We just like to get a good attendance at each one, where possible. We very much enjoy the atmosphere of a living history weekend, mingling with other 1940s reenactors, watching live singers performing songs from the era over a drink, maybe sitting around the fire just chilling in the evening, before sleeping in the world war two tents with authentic period equipment.

We are a charity and everything we do is with the aim of spreading the word of Upottery airfield and what happened there. We raise funds on an ongoing basis to further our cause.

If you are interested in joining our group, please contact
Dave Bunney or Patricia Knowles, on 01404 890174